Never hesitate to hold out your hand; never hesitate to accept the outstretched hand of another.
-Pope St. John XXIII

History of SJ XXIII

In 2001, a group of community leaders came together with Monsignor Joe H. Crosthwait and Monsignor Ed Randall and took a giant leap of faith. Soon, they were joined by others who believed in the leadership team and who shared their purpose and vision for the future. 

Together, they built and opened Pope John XXIII High School in 2004, the first new Catholic High School in the Houston area in over 40 years – a refreshing new model of hope for the future of Catholic secondary education.

In April 2014, with the canonization of Pope John XXIII the school changed its name to St. John XXIII College Preparatory.

Our Mission - "Preparing the hearts and minds of our students to serve God and others." 

Vision Statement

St. John XXIII College Preparatory School develops and inspires the mind, body, spirit, and imagination of students by providing a traditional Catholic education.
We educate young men and women who will be fully prepared for challenges and who will know and understand the teachings of the Catholic Church.
Additionally, they will apply this knowledge to pursue lives of integrity faithful to God’s calling and will be uniquely prepared for life’s challenges.

St. John XXIII College Preparatory is a Catholic, co-educational, college preparatory school. We share the mission of the Catholic Church to hand down the teachings of Jesus Christ (cf. 1 Cor.11:2). We are a community whose vocation is to educate and form the mind, body, spirit, and imagination of our students.

Members of the St. John XXIII community are encouraged to develop the gifts given to them by the Holy Spirit to the best of their ability. Our students are taught to always seek the truth and develop a love for wisdom. By our word and example, students learn to imitate the merciful love of Jesus Christ in a life of service to others. A St. John XXIII graduate will be prepared to answer God’s call.
Parare Mente et Corde