Academic Support Services


A current psychoeducational evaluation (within three years) by a licensed psychologist is required as part of the application process to be considered for Academic Support Services.
Level 1
Supervision and Implementation of Light Accommodations
Level 1 is available for all students with a psychological evaluation and recommendation for an academic support plan. Entrance into the Level 1 Program is based upon a recent diagnosis within three years and the recommendation from the Assistant Principal of Academics and the SJ23 Learning Center. Level One service is designed to provide oversight of a student’s academic support plan with the provision of only the following:
  • Extended time on assessments of up to 50%.
  • Teacher’s notes
  • Preferential Seating
After reviewing the required documentation the Assistant Principal of Academics and grade level School Counselor will write or update an Academic Support Plan, and review with the student, parent(s) and teachers. Level 1 students will be monitored, and services implemented by SJ23 Testing Coordinator and grade level counselor. Level 1 does not allow for admittance to or receive services from the Learning Center. Cost: $1100 per year.
Level 2
Targeted Academic Support in the Learning Center
Targeted Academic Support is available through an application and interview process. A Level 2 student will receive the following provisions:
  • Level 1 support
  • Enrollment in Academic Seminar several times a week, (depending on student schedule Gold vs Crimson days). During the Academic Seminar, the student will meet with a member of the Learning Center Team to assist with a plan for success through organization, calendar keeping, planning assignments, study skills, initiating tasks, and self-monitoring. Students enrolled in the year-long Academic Seminar will receive .5 elective credits each semester.
  • Targeted assistance and remediation in core content (math, science, and humanities) instruction. These sessions are designed to meet the individual needs of students and provide accountability. The focus varies according to the academic need, but sessions generally focus on areas such as remediation of skills, reinforcement of classroom teaching and implementation of accommodations.
  • Executive functioning strategies to best position the individual student to be more self-sufficient as they progress through each grade.
Communication is maintained between the Learning Center, teachers, students and parents, grade level counselors and Administration. Cost: $3250 per year.

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