Faculty & Staff


List of 34 members.

  • Photo of Marysa Adams

    Marysa Adams 

    Learning Center Specialist
  • Photo of Shakir Ahmed

    Shakir Ahmed  

    Science Department Chair
  • Photo of Jason Alleman

    Jason Alleman 

    World Languages Department Chair
  • Photo of Danielle  Ayala

    Danielle  Ayala 

    Social Studies Department
  • Photo of Mark Baker

    Mark Baker 

    Theology Department
  • Photo of Anne Barrera

    Anne Barrera  

    English Department
  • Photo of Betsy Barry

    Betsy Barry 

    Fine Arts Department
  • Photo of Susan Bradley

    Susan Bradley 

    Social Studies Department
  • Photo of Joe Carmouche

    Joe Carmouche 

    Fine Arts Department
  • Photo of Kathryn Clark

    Kathryn Clark 

    Math Department
  • Photo of Elizabeth Dronet

    Elizabeth Dronet 

  • Photo of Etienne Dumalet

    Etienne Dumalet 

    Math Department
  • Photo of Yumary Entralgo

    Yumary Entralgo 

    World Languages Department
  • Photo of Larry Finke

    Larry Finke 

    Math Department Chair
  • Photo of Shannon Harms

    Shannon Harms 

    Athletic Trainer
  • Photo of Sr. Elizabeth John

    Sr. Elizabeth John 

    Theology Department
  • Photo of Paul Jurick

    Paul Jurick 

    Theology Department
  • Photo of Christopher Lee

    Christopher Lee 

    Social Studies Department
  • Photo of John Long

    John Long 

    Science Department
  • Photo of Kimberly McCready

    Kimberly McCready 

    English Department Chair
  • Photo of Kristen Meneilly

    Kristen Meneilly 

    Social Studies Department Chair
  • Photo of Brandon  Mouton

    Brandon  Mouton 

    Science Department
  • Photo of Clare Perkins

    Clare Perkins 

    English Department
  • Photo of Sr.  Mary Philomena

    Sr.  Mary Philomena 

    Theology Department
  • Photo of Beth Rady

    Beth Rady 

    Fine Arts Department
    (281) 693-1000
  • Photo of Zayne Ramirez

    Zayne Ramirez 

    Athletic Department
  • Photo of Clay Richardson

    Clay Richardson 

    Testing Center
  • Photo of Tyler Rohrman

    Tyler Rohrman  

  • Photo of Rene Rubi Cordovi

    Rene Rubi Cordovi 

    World Languages Department
  • Photo of Hector Santiago

    Hector Santiago 

    Math Department
  • Photo of Carol Szymanski

    Carol Szymanski 

    Fine Arts Department
  • Photo of Sharon Turner

    Sharon Turner 

    Director of Academic Support Services
  • Photo of Melissa Walsh

    Melissa Walsh 

    Science Department
  • Photo of Deirdre Wood

    Deirdre Wood 

    Fine Arts Department


List of 19 members.

  • Photo of Victoria Cuellar

    Victoria Cuellar 

    Academic & Social/Emotional Grades 9-10
  • Photo of Sheri DeMois

    Sheri DeMois 

    Director of Campus Ministry
  • Photo of Pam Felcman

    Pam Felcman 

    Admin Operations Coordinator
  • Photo of Tawana Fulmer

    Tawana Fulmer 

    Front Office Coordinator
  • Photo of Amanda Gray

    Amanda Gray 

    College Counselor
  • Photo of Lisa Guedry

    Lisa Guedry  

    Accounting & Human Resources Manager
  • Photo of Billy Jackson

    Billy Jackson 

    Athletic Director
  • Photo of Susie Kramer

    Susie Kramer 

    Director of International Students
  • Photo of Christine Langeland M.Ed.

    Christine Langeland M.Ed. 

    Assistant Principal of Academics
  • Photo of Scot Mills

    Scot Mills 

    Facilities Assistant
  • Photo of Fr. Jonathan  Mitchican

    Fr. Jonathan  Mitchican 

  • Photo of Keith  Myers

    Keith  Myers 

    Director of Advancement
  • Photo of Brenda Nitsch

    Brenda Nitsch 

  • Photo of Anne Marie Noonan

    Anne Marie Noonan 

    Admissions Assistant
  • Photo of Matthew Oelkers

    Matthew Oelkers 

    Assistant Principal of Administration
  • Photo of Cecilia Perez

    Cecilia Perez 

    IT Director
  • Photo of Kate Reddy

    Kate Reddy 

    Academic & Social/Emotional Grades 11-12
  • Photo of Preston Smith

    Preston Smith 

    Director of Admissions
  • Photo of Gerry  Tupaz

    Gerry  Tupaz 

St. John XXIII College Preparatory forms the hearts and minds of young men and women in a Christ-centered community dedicated to academic excellence, the pursuit of virtue, and service to others in the Tradition of the Catholic Church.