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House Patron: St. Joseph

House Color
: Gold

Feast Day
: March 19

Coat of Arms
: A gold lily and carpenter's square on a silver field. Loreto House is devoted to the patronage of St. Joseph, the foster-father of Our Lord, Jesus Christ. St. Joseph’s iconic symbols are depicted in our Arms to honor him.

: Respect, Loyalty, Wisdom, Humility
Slogan: “Stay Hungry, Stay Humble”

Events sponsored by Loreto House

Back to School Dance

About Our Patron:
Not much is known of the life of St. Joseph. The Gospels tell us that St. Joseph was a pious man, betrothed to the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the foster father of Jesus. That he is not mentioned after Jesus’ youth, and that Mary was given to the protection of St. John by Jesus at the Crucifixion, point to the fact of Joseph’s early death.

The silence of St. Joseph, the fact that he does not speak in the Gospel accounts, has often been seen as a model of quiet, patient fatherhood, and has been a topic of great spiritual reflection and contemplation for popes, theologians, and spiritual writers for centuries.

St. Joseph, along with the Blessed Virgin Mary, and the Holy Child Jesus are together referred to as the
Holy Family and are the subject of devotion at the Shrine of the Holy House of Loreto, Italy. Loreto has been a popular pilgrimage site since the 13th century. Local legend tells that the house in which the Holy Family lived was miraculously carried from
Nazareth to Loreto by four angels just before the final expulsion of the Crusaders from the Holy Land.

The Holy House of Nazareth had been converted into a church by the
Twelve Apostles. In 336, Empress Helena made a pilgrimage to Nazareth and directed that a basilica be erected over it, in which worship continued until the fall of the Kingdom of Jerusalem. At that time, an aristocratic family named "Angelo’s", transferred the house to Europe for safe keeping.

St. Joseph has many feast days in the Church, including March 19 as patron of the Universal Church, May
1st as patron of workers, and with the Holy Family on the Sunday after Christmas. Along with the previous titles, he is also the patron of fathers, and of a happy death.
St. John XXIII College Preparatory forms the hearts and minds of young men and women in a Christ-centered community dedicated to academic excellence, the pursuit of virtue, and service to others in the Tradition of the Catholic Church.