Can I take the ISEE more than once?
Students are able to take the ISEE once per "Testing Season." Below is the Testing Season breakdown by month:
    • Fall Season: August-November
    • Winter Season: December-March
    • Spring/Summer Season: April-July

SJ23 will accept multiple ISEE scores. If you choose to send multiple scores, the Admissions Committee will simply have access to each score sheet and consider all results during the review process.
Can I take the ISEE at home rather than testing at a school?
Yes! In addition to being offered at many schools and testing centers in the area, the ISEE can now be taken from the comfort of your own home. Click here to learn about the ISEE At Home.
Can I take the January ISEE and still meet the January 15 deadline?
Yes, scores for the January ISEE will be sent to SJ23 in time for applicants to meet the January 15 deadline.
Does SJ23 offer the ISEE with accommodations for students with a diagnosed learning difference?
Yes! In addition to accepting scores for the ISEE with accommodations taken at other testing sites, SJ23 offers the ISEE with accommodations on campus. Click here to learn more about taking the ISEE with accommodations. Accommodations offered at SJ23 include extended time (50% extra time), a large print test, and the ability mark answers in the test booklet. The Extended Time exam will end around 1:30.
Can I pre-register for the exam?
Yes, students must pre-register to take the ISEE; no walk-up testers will be accepted. Students must be registered 21 days prior to the exam date to avoid paying the late registration fee. Registration closes completely 14 days before the exam date.
How do I send my scores to more than one high school?
During the registration process, you will be asked which schools you would like to receive your scores.
I am testing at another test site. How do I have my scores sent to SJ23
If registering online but not taking the exam at SJ23 please be sure to select SJ23 as a score recipient. Our school code is 570048.
If I take the exam at SJ23, will that increase my chances of being admitted to SJ23?
No. SJ23 does not consider an applicant’s testing location during the admissions decision making process. Your test site will have no effect on your application to SJ23. You are welcome to take the entrance exam at any of the test site offering the exam. Please note, the above policy applies to SJ23 only. Each high school has its own policies regarding testing location, so you should check with each individual high school about their particular requirements.
May I use a calculator?
No. Calculators are not necessary and are not allowed during the test.
Do I need to bring my own pencil?
Yes, you can bring pencils and some pencils will be provided in the testing room.
If I don't know the answer to a question, should I guess?
Yes. You are awarded points only for the questions you answer correctly. No points will be deducted for wrong answers, so it is best to guess if you are not sure of the answer.
When will I receive my test scores?
For paper ISEE testing, score reports are available online only for families who request “Expedited Scores with Online Access” and pay the additional fee. Otherwise, ERB mails a student’s score report to the address given at the time of registration. This report arrives 7-10 business days after the test administration.
Are there study materials or sample tests available for the ISEE?
Many optional study materials are available online and in bookstores that include study tips and full sample exams. SJ23 does not endorse any particular study aid.
I am applying as an incoming 11th or 12th grade transfer student. Do I need to take the ISEE?
No. We will utilize your standardized test scores from high school and PSAT scores instead of the ISEE.