Fall Semester Exam Schedule

Students will take their Fall Semester exams the week of 

December 17 - 20, 2018.
*Extended time Testing will be coordinated through the learning center.
*Conflict Period is to be used for students that may be doubling up on a subject that day. For example, the student is taking Anatomy and Physics.
Important things for Finals Week:
  • No Lunch/ Breakfast that week. (Eat a healthy breakfast and bring a small snack for between test)
  • No After School Care- Students should be picked up after their last exam that day
  • Seating Arrangements/Rooms will be posted on the Friday before Fall Exam Week
  • Dress Attire- School Uniform or PAID for free dress
  • Come Prepared- Bring necessary materials for your exam and/or light jacket or sweater.
  • Be Punctual, study, and get a good night rest
For questions or make-up questions, please contact counseling@sj23lions.org.
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