As part of St.  John XXIII’s mission to prepare the hearts and minds of our students, our staff is committed to the belief that all students can and will learn if provided with the appropriate environment, accommodations, and support. The goal for students is autonomy in learning that reflects greater self-awareness and consistent use of individualized learning strategies. Services are provided on various levels depending on the student’s individual need. An individualized plan is developed for each student and implemented by teachers and/or the learning specialists in the Learning Center.

To apply to the Learning Center Click Here or go to the Admissions tab and select Learning Center Admissions.


Services and classes available through the Learning Center are extended only to those students formally diagnosed with a learning difference and/or health impairment and have been admitted to the Learning Center program. An application should be completed and documentation of the student’s learning difficulties should be attached.

For all inquiries regarding the Learning Center, please contact Andrea Smith at
The Learning Center at SJ23 is a program which offers individualized assistance to qualifying students with learning differences. Some of the learning disabilities addressed are:

  • Dyslexia
  • Dysgraphia
  • Auditory Processing Disorder
In order to qualify for the program, students must provide current and complete testing as part of their application to SJ23. Test scores and academic progress must indicate an ability to complete a college-preparatory curriculum without modification; while accommodations are provided, modifications are not.

Examples of Accommodations Offered

  • Extended time on tests and quizzes
  • Hard copies of class notes where applicable
  • Preferential seating
Examples of modifications which would NOT be offered at SJ23 are shortened assignments, extended time for projects/essays, modified graduation plans, and shortened tests and quizzes. While the LC will assist a student in meeting the graduation requirements of the school, we do not alter those requirements for our students. At this time, we do not have an adaptive behavior program at SJ23.

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Meet Our Learning Center Staff:

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  • Andrea Smith 

    Assistant Principal of Academics
  • Sharon Turner 

    Learning Center Coordinator
  • Gina Bergeron 

    Learning Center - Math Teacher
  • Zayne Ramirez 

    Learning Center Paraprofessional
  • Juliana Miller 

Students accepted into the Learning Center are required to enroll in Academic Seminar each semester. Academic seminar is a for-credit class in which students receive individualized assistance and instruction in a small group setting.

Participation requirements in the Academic Class are as follows:

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  • Organization

    Students are required to use a standardized planner. This planner is given to students free of charge; it provides a comprehensive overview of what is going on in each content area to students as well as to LC staff.
  • Academic Performance and Class Participation

    Coming to class without bringing schoolwork on a habitual basis is not acceptable. Therefore, the Learning Center will have assignments on-hand for students to complete if they are regularly choosing not to use their time productively during Academic Seminar. Parent/guardian contact and/or a conference may also be initiated to address the problem.
  • Extended Time Testing

    Students can receive up to time and a half on tests and quizzes.  Students must notify the Learning Center at least 24 hours in advance if they wish to take a test in the room.

    Tests must be completed the same day they are started; this often requires students to come to the Learning Center outside of normal school hours.
  • Missing Work and Zeroes

    Students are required to check their grades once a week (Monday or Tuesday) and report their averages to LC staff. Students are also required to report zeroes incurred in classes. If zeroes are reported, students are assigned to a zero make-up session, during which students will complete the missed assignments.
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