Lutheran South Away Tickets on Sale Now

Ticketing information: We ask that all families limit to 4 tickets with the presale code to ensure that all families have an opportunity to attend the game. Open tickets will go on sale on September 24th.
St John 23 Pre-Sale Ticketing Code: StJohn23–  Pre Sale is open Now! 
Open tickets will go on sale on the September 24th
Tickets are on Sale  
Steps to Reserving Ticket
  1. Go to Website-
  2. Get tickets – For desired game 
  3. Select Tickets  - Select Have a code – type code in and get tickets
  4. Purchase Tickets -
  1. Come Cheer on your team!
Below is our spectator information:
All spectators entering an LSA athletic facility for an athletic event/contest must follow the following protocols before, during, and after all events/contests. 
  • Prior to arrival at the LSA athletic event/contest, if the spectator is experiencing any symptoms of COVID-19, please stay home. 
  • All spectators must possess a purchased ticket or reservation for the current athletic event/contest. 
  • All spectators must enter at the designated entrance for the athletic event/contest. 
  • Prior to the spectator’s ticket/reservation being scanned, all spectators will be required to submit to a Thermal Scan temperature check. 
    • Any spectator exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19 or registering a temperature above 100.0 will not be allowed to enter any LSA facility. 
  • Spectators that have been allowed entry into the athletic event/contest will receive a bracelet designated to that event. This bracelet will allow you re-entry into the facility if needed. 
    • This includes leaving the stadium and/or gym to use the restroom, concession stand, parking lot, etc.
    • Tickets through Hometown Ticketing are only able to be scanned once for added security measures. 
  • All spectators over the age of 10 will be required to wear a face covering over their nose and mouth at all times. This includes indoor and outdoor athletic events/contests. 
    • Spectators unable to wear a face covering may be subject to removal. 
  • Spectators will be asked to select seats and row to sit during the athletic event/contest. 
    • All spectators must be seated in the bleachers or designated areas.
  • Physical distancing will be employed to the extent possible between seating groups/families. 
    • Every other row in each LSA Athletic facility will be designated as a non-available seating area. These rows will be designated with seating tape. 
    • Seating groups will be limited to 2 people per group over the age of 10. These areas will be designated with seating tape. 
  • Seating groups will be limited to 2 per group. 
  • Immediately following the conclusion of the athletic event/contest, all spectators will need to immediately exit the facility. 
    • Spectators/Parents/Guardians will be able to reunite with their student-athlete outside of the LSA facility. 
  • Pathways for spectator ingress and egress will be designated and remain unobstructed. 
  • LSA will provide hand sanitizing stations at the entrances of all LSA Athletic Facilities. 

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