Students should earn 20 hours.

Hours must be complete by February 5, 2021.

Click here for list of approved agencies.

Revised Works of Mercy plan for 2020 click here.

To support our mission and the pillars at SJ23, the following represents our revised WoM plan offering our Freshmen, Sophomores, and Juniorsa variety of ways to complete their Works of Mercy hours. This revised program continues to emphasize our call to serve those less fortunate with a focus on the Corporal & Spiritual Works of Mercy as outlined in the Gospel of Matthew.  
Hourly requirements have been revised as follows:
Freshmen                    15 hours                      Due January 8, 2021
Sophomores               20 hours                      Due February 5, 2021
Juniors                        25 hours                      Due March 5, 2021
Students may choose from two (2) available options to earn their hours:
  1. You may continue to schedule your Works of Mercy projects at any of the agencies or organizations listed on our Pre-approved Listat
  1. The following“Works of Mercy at home” options are for Freshmen, Sophomores, & Juniors only and will require PRE-APPROVALon the Works of Mercy proposal form:
  • Tutor a sibling, help parents by babysitting, or cook a family meal. Students should describe in writing what they did and how it was an act of service. Please provide photos! Parents will need to monitor and sign off on hours completed.
  • Assist an elderly neighbor or someone in need with yardwork, gardening, washing cars, etc. Please provide a photo! Parents will need to verify hours.
  • Read bible stories to younger siblings or groups of children via zoom/facebook live, etc. Please provide a photo! Parents will need to verify hours.
  • Make personalized holiday craft projects to be delivered to a retirement home, home for the disabled, etc and drop them by Campus Ministry by NOVEMBER 30TH.
  • Make fleece blankets for nursing home residents and chemotherapy patients and deliver to Campus Ministry by NOVEMBER 30TH.
  • Volunteer at your parish (includes VBS, altar serving, CCE, Lifeteen)
  • Teach the elderly how to use social media so that they can stay in touch with friends and relatives. Please provide photos!
  • Organize a drive for a charity and deliver the items – possible ideas…toiletries for the homeless, toys for the less fortunate, diapers & wipes for a pregnancy center, food for a charity pantry, etc.
1. Students will be required to complete a WoM Proposal, describing how their hours will be completed. Proposals are due prior to the student beginning his/her hours.
  1. Once the hours are earned, students are required to turn in their signed WoM Verification forms. Verification forms MUST be signed by the student’s supervisor! The Campus Ministry office is required to verify with the agency that all hours have been completed.
Ultimately, it is the responsibility of each student to schedule their service projects.
Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior students who have not completed their WoM requirement will not receive report cards, schedules, or transcripts and will not be permitted to advance to the next grade level.
***ANY student who has not fulfilled their WoM requirement will not be permitted to attend Prom***

Please direct any questions to our Director of Campus Ministry, Mrs. DeMois at

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