Support    |     St. John XXIII relies upon generous benefactors from across the country to support our mission to prepare the hearts and minds of our students to serve God and others.

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    St. John XXIII receives philanthropic support from many different sources including foundations and matching gifts programs.

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As with any family or business, St. John XXIII plans for future growth to be able to provide the foundation for the successful development of our children as they emerge into faithful and productive adults.  In addition to providing a “home away from home” for our students, SJ23 strives to provide a solid teaching and administrative staff, enhanced facilities, and access to technology that enables our graduates to faithfully transition into college and beyond.

The board, faculty, administration and staff of SJ23 are currently revisiting our forward mission to better align our objectives to prepare us not only for the short term but build a sustainable platform that will be attractive to an increasing number of students. In our 15-year history, we have received support from a growing network of benefactors that includes parents, alumni, parishes, and foundations – we continue to look for financial support of our mission through your generosity.

Thank you for your support.