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Parents, Guardians, and Friends,
With the arrival of May, we have some clarity regarding the many events typically scheduled for this month.  The schedule has changed from previous announcements for some activities, so please review the list below.
Graduation has been set for Saturday, June 20, at 10 a.m. here on campus and will include the Baccalaureate Mass as part of the ceremonies.  We have worked very hard to identify a date that both provides a legitimate opportunity for a live event and brings closure to the school year for the seniors.  Details will be out later this month as guidelines regarding large gatherings become clearer.  In preparing for the worst-case scenario of a virus resurgence and the re-imposition of rules barring public gatherings, we are also planning to build a virtual commencement ceremony through Herff-Jones.  More information about the virtual preparations is forthcoming.
The Junior/Senior Prom, originally planned for April, it was re-scheduled for late May. Unfortunately, due to many uncertainties regarding this type of gathering, we will not be able to host a prom this year. I know this is a huge disappointment, especially for the Seniors, but thank you for understanding.
Works of Mercy Hours for seniors are due by next Friday, May 8.
The last day of classes for Seniors is Wednesday, May 13.  This is a Crimson Day.  Seniors will be able to come to school on Thursday, May 14 to clean out their lockers, return sports uniforms and equipment, library books, and other items.  This will be scheduled in the morning, by House, with the details sent out next Friday.
Senior Sunset will take place on Friday, May 15, following a drive-through pick-up of yearbooks, graduation invitations, caps, gowns, and cords, and senior crosses, which begins at 6:30 p.m.  We are planning to do a balloon release as well. Students will stay inside their vehicles at all times for this event.  More specific details, maps, and directions will be sent out in a separate notice.
The last day of classes for underclassmen is Thursday, May 21.  Students will be able to clean out their lockers and return books and other items during the morning of Friday, May 22.  As with the seniors, this will be scheduled by House.
Once again, I wish to commend our students for their hard work and perseverance with their classes during this time of remote instruction.  We are in the home stretch!  Please stay in touch with your teachers or the Troubleshooting List with any problems that may come up in the last few weeks.

We shall continue to keep you informed as plans adjust to the developing situation. You can stay informed by checking our website and our Facebook page.
Even though our physical campus is closed, classes resumed remotely on Monday, March 23, using our existing Blackbaud Portal
Remote Instruction Process:
  • SCHEDULE:  The Crimson/Gold, ABCD/EFGH schedule, will be followed.
  • ASSIGNMENTS:  Coursework and assignments for each day’s classes will be posted in the Blackbaud Portal by 8 a.m.  Students should be dressed and ready to go for the day, regardless of the class schedule in place for the day.
  • ATTENDANCE:  Documenting attendance is very important, and each teacher will communicate how they will take attendance each day.  
  • DUE DATES:  Due dates will be clear, and it is important that students access posted coursework and return required items on time.  Students are expected to be diligent in completing their work with honesty and integrity.
  • GRADES:  Teachers will be posting grades for coursework, assignments, etc. within 48-hours of the due date.  
  • ADJUSTED MEETING TIMES:  Classes may not regularly “meet” during the designated time as stated on the regular class schedule.  Teachers may schedule discussions through Blackbaud or a live session using Microsoft Teams at other times convenient to the teacher and students, in recognition that home situations for everyone may be a bit chaotic.
  • TECHNOLOGY:  Students and parents should review the Acceptable Use Policy regarding technology in the Parent-Student Handbook.  
  • ROUTINES:  It will take some time for this remote process to settle in place.  The situations students and teachers are dealing with at home are myriad.  Therefore, patience and forbearance will be called upon frequently in the early stages. 
There will be problems as this process unfolds.  If you experience any difficulties, please access the appropriate Troubleshooting Point of Contact:
  • Coursework, Assignments, Etc.
    Contact: Course Instructor

Teachers and staff are ready to assist you as best we can.  Keep in mind that communication and cooperation are key to our success – let us know if you are having any problems. 

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  • Questions and Help

    There will be problems as this process unfolds.  If you experience any difficulties, please access the appropriate Troubleshooting Point of Contact:

    • Coursework, Assignments, Etc.
      Contact: Course Instructor
  • Student Roles and Responsibilities

    • Establish a daily routine by having breakfast and getting dressed and being ready to learn.
    • Identify a comfortable, quiet space where it is most conducive to effective and successful learning. In doing so, consider lighting space for books, a computer or an iPad, and a comfortable chair.
    • Check your email and class pages for announcements and feedback from your teachers starting at 8 am.
    • Complete your assignments with integrity and academic honesty.
    • Please abide by our Technology Acceptable Use Policy.
    • Do your best to meet timelines, commitments, and due dates.
  • Parent/Guardian Roles and Responsibilities

    • Regularly check your email for school updates.
    • Check the school website and Facebook page for updates.
    • Help your child establish a routine to best ensure academic distance learning.
    • Remind your child to check his/her email and class pages for messages, assignments, etc from his/her teachers.

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