The grade point average (GPA) is determined using the standard 4.0 system. Bonus points are given for Honors, Pre-AP, and AP courses. The GPA is calculated as follows:

  • A point value is assigned to each semester grade according to Grading Scale & GPA Computation Data. Point value for the course is multiplied by the credits earned for that course. Add the resulting decimal figures; the total is the quality points earned for that semester.
  • The sum of the quality points earned is divided by the number of credits attempted for that semester. The result is the grade point average (GPA) for that semester.
  • Quality points for each semester are accumulated from the freshman year and divided by the total of the attempted credits to date. This computation gives you the cumulative GPA which can be found on the report card. The quarterly GPA is not listed on the report card, only the semester GPA. (Summer school grades and credits are not used for the computation of GPA. However, the courses are reflected in the accumulated credits earned.) The cumulative GPA, as described above, is not the basis for determining rank in class.





90 – 100



80 – 89



70 – 79



65 – 69



Below 65



Grade Point Average and Class Rank

Grade Point Average or GPA is cumulative over the student’s academic high school career.  St. John XXIII College Preparatory does not rank its students.  However, the top 10% will be identified, as well as, the Valedictorian and Salutatorian.

List of 2 items.

  • P/F:

    Designated “Pass” (credit) or “Fail” (no credit) in special classes and not computed in determining overall grade point average.
  • I – Incomplete:

    When a deficiency in course requirements exists, all work must be completed or corrected before credit is awarded. Students have three weeks from the date of issuance of the report card to resolve incomplete grades. Incompletes may not be issued without Administrative approval. An incomplete grade received in the spring semester must be resolved by the end of the third week in the fall semester. It is the responsibility of the student to contact the teacher in order to fulfill requirements for revoking an incomplete grade. An incomplete grade not removed in this time period will be recorded as a grade of F.

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