Course Selection Process

For all returning students, the selection of classes for the upcoming year will take place in the Spring Semester.  Counselors and Administrators will meet with students individually and recommend courses based on academic performance, graduation requirements, and personal interest.  After counselors have met with students and recommended classes, it is the student’s responsibility to return the official registration form with a parent’s signature for class selection.  IN ORDER TO REGISTER FOR CLASSES FOR THE UPCOMING YEAR, ALL FINANCIAL OBLIGATIONS TO THE SCHOOL FOR THE CURRENT YEAR MUST BE MET.  Any student who has not fulfilled his/her financial obligations will not be allowed to register for classes and will lose his/her opportunity to reserve a spot in desired courses.

Once the course selection form has been returned, the counselors will begin scheduling students.  Schedules will be completed by the end of the second week of July and mailed to students.  Students and parents may not make teacher requests.  There will be no schedule changes granted for the purpose of changing teachers, changing periods, or a change in elective courses that directly impacts core courses.

Please note that every course listed in the St. John XXIII College Preparatory Course Selection Guide may not be offered every academic year.  Course offerings for any given year are determined by the number of students requesting entrance to specific classes.  Classes that have less than ten students requesting entrance may not be offered.

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  • Course Levels

    Many academic courses are offered at two levels of ability, with a few offered at three.
    Level placement is based on testing results, course performance, teacher recommendation, administrative approval, student request and parent support.

    College Preparatory – College Preparatory courses are designed to ensure that students have the necessary foundation to perform successfully in the typical college or university setting.

    Honors – Honor courses are more in depth and move faster than the College Preparatory level. Students work independently and cover more material than in the CP level.

    Pre-AP – Pre-AP courses are designed to prepare students for AP level courses. Similar to honors level courses, Pre-AP courses are more in depth and move at a faster pace than College Preparatory level. Students work independently and cover more material than in the CP level.

    AP - Advanced Placement level courses are available in Biology, Calculus, Chemistry, Computer Science, English, European History, Government, Physics, Spanish, Statistics, Studio Art, U.S. History, and World History. By enrolling in an AP course at St. John XXIII College Preparatory, the expectation is that students must sit for the AP exam in May. Students are to remain enrolled in an AP Course for the full school year unless there are extenuating circumstances
    (a grade 70 or lower) at the end of each grading period. Understanding that athletic competitions at the State level may interfere with the exam dates in May, students will be required to sit for late testing. The cost of regularly scheduled and/or late testing exams will be borne by the student. If, for whatever reason, a student does not sit for a regularly scheduled or late testing AP Exam, their AP course weighting will be forfeited on their transcript.
  • Honors/PRE-AP, AP Course Placement Criteria

    Placement and credit for Honors/Pre-AP/AP courses will begin in grade 9. The following guidelines are the criteria used for placement in these upper level courses:

       -To enter into an upper level course, a minimum class average of 90 for each
        Semester in a college preparatory course must be achieved. (i.e. Algebra to
        Honors Geometry)
       -To continue in an upper level course a minimum class average of 85 for each
        semester must be achieved. (i.e. Honors Geometry to Honors Algebra II)
    Test Scores: Scoring in the 90th percentile in the subject area on nationally
       normed test(s).
    Teacher recommendation (subject area)
    Student desire
    Parent support

    The only reason a student may not be placed in an upper level course is because they do not meet the criteria outlined above.

    Students will remain in an upper level course for the entire year unless the student’s grade average at the end of the first semester, falls below a 70 or by recommendation for a course level change by the teacher and the Department Chair.
  • Appeals Process

    For additional consideration, there is an appeals process for upper level course placement. All appeals must be submitted to the Assistant Principal - Academics ( no later than May 10, 2019. Appeals will be reviewed by the Appeals Committee and notifications of decisions will be sent via U.S. Mail or Email by May 17, 2019. In some cases, the final semester grade will be required for placement. The decision of the Appeals Committee is final.
  • Dropping or Adding Courses

    Schedule change requests may be made with each grade level counselor as follows:

    • Two weeks prior to the start of the new academic year
    • The first two weeks after the start of the school year
    • Two weeks after the end of the school year

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