The Guidance and Counseling Department strives to encourage individuals to grow in awareness of their potential and to become lifelong learners with the capacity to be successful in a rapidly changing world. As a department, we seek to empower students to examine their possibilities during the high school years and to set personal and academic goals that will lead to success. Our vision is to enhance the life of our students by assisting in the realistic and mature decisions they will make about academic, college and career goals, as well as assist students resolve any personal counseling issues that may arise at, and outside, of school.
All college preparation materials, resources, and forms can be accessed using the SJ23 Naviance Page
St. John XXIII
Counseling Department
CEEB Code (High School) – 443742

St. John XXIII College Preparatory

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Our Mission
We prepare the hearts and minds of our students to serve God and others.