Message from Roncalli Fund Chairs

Please read a message below from our Roncalli Fund Chairs, Oriol and Tracy Rijken.

August 25, 2021
Saint Louis
Dear Fellow Parents,
The Roncalli Fund is one of three fundraising events of SJ23, the others are the Annual Raffle and Heart of a Lion Gala. The Roncalli Fund, or annual fund, supports the education and personal development of your student in the Tradition of the Catholic Church. This fund is used for three purposes during each academic year: to cover the tuition gap, the forming of your student through co-curricular activities and to offset any unforeseen costs related to the effective formation of SJ23 students. Please help us through your financial support of the student body by considering a gift to this year’s Roncalli Fund; this gift is tax-deductible.
Like all independent schools, the charged tuition does not cover the actual cost of educating and forming your student. The Roncalli Fund was used during the 2020-21 academic year to (partially) cover this difference. It was called upon to procure the CAPSCANN system and provide additional cleaning services such that the school could continue the education and formation of the student body safely and hygienically. The funds will be used in a similar manner for the 2021-22 academic year.
A strong Roncalli Fund allows us to provide for a rigorous classroom experience, co-curricular activities, retreats, and community building events which are foundational to the expression of our Pillars, Oboedientia, Pax, Virtus, and Renovatio. Your contributions to the school as a parent are also an excellent expression of the pillars of St. John XXIII. We would like for everyone to participate in supporting this fund, because it demonstrates your commitment to the SJ23 experience; any financial gift is appreciated. The Roncalli fund does not provide tuition assistance or funding for sports programs. Your generous gift of $2,000 would cover the difference between charged tuition and cost of forming one student.
We also want make you aware that many employers offer a matching program for charitable contributions; SJ23’s Roncalli Fund qualifies as a charitable contribution. Company matching is a great way to increase your donation amount to the Roncalli Fund. Many companies have contributed to the SJ23 Roncalli Fund in the past; a partial list of companies with matching gift programs can be found at Contacting your company’s HR department is a good way to inquire about company matching, even if your employer is not on this list.
With great enthusiasm, we are looking forward to the best year yet at St. John XXIII College Preparatory. We hope you are as excited as we are for the future, and our students! Please join us in this important endeavor, and we look forward to meeting you during the many volunteering opportunities this year around campus. Most importantly, we hope you join us in praying for a successful year.
With much joy and gratitude,
Oriol and Tracy Rijken
P’23, P’24, P’25
P.S. Please join us for the class Parent Coffees during September and October. These are wonderful opportunities to listen and ask questions of the administration and gain a great understanding of the school’s goals and objectives for the year.

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