Roncalli Annual Fund Message from the Principal

October 16, 2020
Saint Margaret Mary Alacoque
Dear Parents, Guardians, and Friends,

2020. 2020? 2020!

Simply speaking the number 2020 out loud evokes so many emotional responses. It has been a tough year for everyone. The world around us has changed immeasurably in just nine short months, and all of us navigate new challenges daily, as the impact on our school and on education, in general, has been significant.
In dealing with the impact of COVID-19, I can say that the success of our students is the number one priority for the faculty and staff. During the remote instruction last spring, and the hybrid model which opened this school year, I have witnessed numerous examples of diligence, commitment, creativity, and plain hard work in the effort to make school happen. With every inevitable hurdle, our SJ23 community is overcoming the challenges of pandemic life. We discuss plans daily in anticipation of bringing our entire student body back on campus safely.
And now, fifteen months after arriving on campus as your principal, I am convinced that our best days are yet to come. The goals outlined in the soon-to-be-published Strategic Plan will drive our community to new levels of success. We know that bringing the plan to fruition will take much time and energy, but it will be worth every resource we invest.
Our students and alumni are the fruit of our labors. We work to form our students to love the pursuit of knowledge and truth. There is a specialness in our graduates. They are leading in business, while also building good families. Some are serving in ministry or non-profit work. Many are living out Pope St. John XXIII’s vision for the Church in the modern world. This vision drives our efforts at SJ23.
Our Roncalli Annual Fund Chairs, Jeff and Elaine Polzer, had this to say about the effect of SJ23 on their family:
After moving abroad and being exposed to the culture of an international high school, St. John XXIII was a Godsend to our family.  We wanted a school with a culture that would support and endorse the beliefs and values we were working to instill as parents, instead of one that constantly opposed them.  At St. John XXIII, our Catholic Christian faith and the values that the faith encompasses have been reinforced and strengthened through the amazing Theology department, the nurturing campus ministry programs, and the common thread that runs throughout the faculty and staff in support of Catholic teaching and faith.
Jeff and Elaine Polzer, P’17 P’19 P’22
What you may not know is that tuition does not fully cover the cost of educating a St. John XXIII student. Out of each dollar we spend on faculty, 9.5% comes directly from gifts to SJ23. For the extracurricular activities including athletics, clubs and House programs, philanthropy provides 9.5% there, too. Unrestricted gifts are the glue that helps us cover the gap and helps us focus on building the nurturing and faithful family of SJ23.
St. John XXIII depends on philanthropic giving to bridge the difference and help advance the school’s mission. Will you prayerfully consider a $2,000 gift to the Roncalli Annual Fund. This level of gift fills the gap. The RAF provides unrestricted funds that support our greatest need, one of which is our faculty, the heart and soul of our wonderful school.
Thank you for your dedication to the success of St. John XXIII and making our school a special place for all students.

Devotedly yours in Christ,
Joseph Noonan

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